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Terms & Conditions

By making a booking and payment, you (the guest/s) agree to our (the host) terms & conditions as follows:

1) The guest/s agrees to make any final payment no later than 14 days prior to the start date of the booking.
2) The guest/s agrees to adhere to the maximum number of guests stated on the booking at the time of making the booking. 
3) The guest/s agree that no pets are allowed at the hosts property
4) The guest/s agree not to smoke any substance/s inside the premises at any time
5) The guest/s agree not to organise, hold or make the property available for the purposes of an event, party or any other large scale gathering without prior permission from the host 
6) The guest/s agree that all personal belongings, valuables and other items brought into or onto the property are done so at the guest/s risk. The host accepts no responsibility for loss, damage or theft of any items brought into or onto the property.
7) The guest/s agree that the host accepts no responsibility for any death or injury to the guest/s while staying at the hosts property
8) The guest/s agree to take adequate care of the hosts property and contents for the duration of the guest/s stay. The guest agrees to report any loss or damage incurred and to compensate the host for any reasonable loss or damage caused.
9) The guest/s agree to remove any rubbish, wash any dishes / cutlery, turn off light and heating/cooling, ensure the fireplace is extinguished and lock doors on leaving the hosts property 

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